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Giving South Asian Creatives The Voice We Deserve.

At DominAsian Magazine, we focus on providing platforms for the South Asian collective to elevate their voices globally through showcasing their creativity in our bi-annual print magazine and online. Our goal is to increase the minimal South Asian representation found in the media whilst helping creatives network and expand their audiences through collaborative projects and magazine submissions.


Our Story

DominAsian Magazine was founded by Sophia Green & Aaliya Chaudhury in 2021 and launched in 2023. After both working individually on University projects based on South Asian stereotypes and taboos, they came to the realisation that the lack of South Asian representation in mainstream media was something that needed to change. This realisation quickly turned into an idea to create a magazine focusing solely on South Asian creatives to help inspire, empower, and elevate.

Together they founded DominAsian Magazine, a magazine with the goal to dominate the world with the help of bold South Asian Creatives. Immediately the two began working on DominAsian Magazine's first issue, 'The Blueprint', creating concepts and finding equally motivated individuals to help us reach our goal. 

Meet The Team

Want to work with us?

Want to work with us? Collaboration is at the core of who we are at DominAsian Magazine and that is why we are always open to working with new creatives from all South Asian backgrounds and ages! We are always looking for skilled and talented individuals to help us make DominAsian Magazine a better place.


If you think you can make a contribution, please contact us via email at with the subject headline 'Work with DAM - NAME'


How often do we print?

This is a biannual print magazine. We accept submissions between the months of February to May and August to November. Confirmed dates will be announced closer to the time. Keep an eye out here and on our Social Media pages.


Where are we based?

DominAsian Magazine is based in London, UK however we collaborate and work with South Asians worldwide.

Do we ship internationally?

Our print magazines are available to ship internationally. Shipping fees will vary accordingly.

What is the difference between magazine and website submissions?

The print magazine submissions must relate to our issue's theme and be able to be printed whilst website submissions have no theme guidelines and vary from written articles to audio/ visuals.

How can you get involved?

To get involved in our future projects, team, or content creation, email us ( with your inquiry and let us know your skills. We are always looking for more people to work with and would love to hear from you!


Akif Rahman, Model

“I had a really comfortable and exciting time working with the DominAsian team. The energy while working on the shoot was exciting and energetic and it was really great to meet and talk to other South Asian creatives!"
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