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About Volume 002: The New Generation

Updated: Apr 11

Written by Sophia Green.

As creative South Asians, we are the torchbearers of a rich cultural heritage that stretches back centuries. Our journey, however, is not just about preserving traditions; It is also about navigating the exciting world of creativity and innovation. In this essay, we will explore why delving into the South Asian Diaspora is of utmost importance to us as creative individuals, backed by factual evidence that highlights the significance of this topic in our artistic pursuits.

Our creative endeavors are deeply intertwined with the cultural tapestry of South Asia. By engaging with the South Asian Diaspora, we have the unique opportunity to preserve and revitalize our cultural legacy. From vibrant dance forms like Bharatanatyam and Kathak to the enchanting melodies of classical and folk music, our roots hold a treasure trove of inspiration for our artistic expressions. As creative South Asians, we understand that true artistry knows no boundaries. Through the South Asian Diaspora, we embrace a diverse range of influences, blending our traditional art forms with elements from our host countries. 

This cultural syncretism infuses our creations with a refreshing fusion that captivates audiences worldwide and transcends cultural barriers. Our creative narratives are a reflection of our unique journeys as individuals in the diaspora. Whether through poetry, prose, film, or visual art, we have the power to share our personal stories of migration, identity, and belonging. These heartfelt portrayals resonate deeply with fellow South Asians and others, fostering empathy and understanding across diverse communities. As creative South Asians, we have the potential to resurrect forgotten stories and historical events from our past. The South Asian Diaspora provides a platform to shed light on lesser-known tales of triumph, struggle, and resilience. 

Disturb the peace shoot credits:

Creative Director: Sophia Green

Producer: Aaliya Choudhury

Photographer: Riki Verma

Photography Assistant: Hara Kaur

BTS Photographer: Sophia Green & Elissa Shafeek

Interviewers: Devanshi Arora, Sameen Ayub, Leila Malik, Zulema Ali & Manvi Dixit

Videographer: Sophia Green

BTS & Content Videography: Diya Bechoo, Rajesh Bhovan & Shuma Begum

Stylist: Diya Bechoo 

HMUA: Sarah Haroon & Rajesh Bhovan

Runners: Hergun Virdi, Milan Dandwani & Saffah Anjum

By reviving these narratives, we contribute to a more comprehensive and accurate representation of our heritage, empowering future generations to cherish their roots. Art has always been a powerful tool for advocating social change and raising awareness. As creative South Asians, we can utilize our craft to shed light on pertinent social issues faced by our communities, both in our host countries and back home. Through our artistic expressions, we inspire dialogue, challenge stereotypes, and strive for a more equitable and just society. The South Asian Diaspora nurtures a generation of individuals with hybrid identities. 

As creative minds, we embrace the complexities of these identities, channeling our diverse experiences into our work. By exploring our hybridity, we contribute to the global dialogue on identity, belonging, and cultural diversity. Creative South Asians in the diaspora play a significant role in shaping global art and media. From award-winning filmmakers to renowned authors and musicians, our community’s creative contributions have a profound impact on shaping cultural perceptions worldwide. We hold the power to challenge stereotypes and introduce authentic portrayals of South Asian culture to a global audience.

The South Asian Diaspora is a vibrant kaleidoscope of cultures, languages, and traditions. As creative individuals, we celebrate the unity in our diversity, fostering a sense of kinship and camaraderie among fellow South Asians in the diaspora. Through collaborative projects, we create art that transcends borders, uniting us as a strong and resilient community. As creative South Asians, the exploration of the South Asian Diaspora is not merely an academic pursuit; it is an essential aspect of our artistic journey. By preserving our cultural legacy, embracing syncretism, narrating personal stories, and celebrating diversity, we infuse our creations with a distinct and powerful voice. Through our artistry, we contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected world, where our stories, identities, and visions inspire positive change and appreciation for the beauty of cultural exchange.


This post was published in Volume 002, The New Generation. For more content check out our print magazine now!

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