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Here you will find our submission requirements for both digital and print submissions. 

Please note: DominAsian Magazine operates as a volunteer-based publication, dedicating itself to providing a platform for South Asians to articulate their thoughts and creativity without constraint.


Explore the depths of human experience beyond labels and societal norms in DominAsian's Volume 003: Myriad of Mirrors.


This profound journey delves into introspection and self-discovery, revealing the essence of true identity beyond superficial layers. Through narratives and reflections, embrace life's complexities, celebrating the diversity of human existence. Delve into rituals, relationships, and personal growth, navigating the delicate balance between self-preservation and improvement.


As you journey through self-discovery, find acceptance and liberation, embracing the richness of human emotions and experiences. Myriad of Mirrors invites you to peel back societal constructs, uncovering the true self amidst fears and triumphs. Join us on this transformative journey of exploration, celebrating the multifaceted nature of human existence.

Submissions Open: 18:00 20.03.24 | Submissions Close: 12:00 20.04.24

For more on the theme and prompts to help spark ideas, click the button below.

Step 1:
Submission Requirements

  • Make sure your files are of high quality (300 DPI ~ )

  • Written work to be a maximum of 1500 words (If your submission is over, please let us know in your submission form)

  • Please make sure any sourced information is referenced within the text or attached in a bibliography.

  • Painting/ Drawing/ Illustration: Please make sure your scan or picture of work is of high quality.

  • If files are of low quality, we will not be able to feature them in our magazine. We will also reach out to you to amend this if chosen to be featured in our 2nd Volume.

Step 2:
Fill out our Submission Form

  • Our submission form will allow us to understand you better as a creative and the work you wish to feature in our upcoming volume!

  • Please fill out the link below:

Step 3:
After you have submitted,

  • Submitters will receive confirmation as to whether their work is chosen or not by Monday, 22nd of April.

  • Successful Submitters will be asked to pay a small fee of £5 to be published. (This is to help us with production costs.)

  • Following this, we will ask you to sign a ‘Permission of Use’ contract, to allow us the rights to feature your work.

  • All contact will be made via email, so please keep an eye out for us!



Before submitting make sure to check you meet our submission requirements stated above, then click the submit button below to send us your work!

*Link is also for 'The Bottom Line Is...' Submissions.

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